Sweat Lodge

The Sweat Lodge is an indigenous construction igloo shape that serves the purpose of a steam bath. It`s name comes from the Nahuatl, literally meaning “House of Steam” (Temaz-Steam / Calli-House).

On this structure we introduce red-hot volcanic stones that have been previously heated to a high temperature, an infusion of medicine plants is poured to produce steam which is managed and directed through the use of a lush bouquet of fresh plants.

Nowadays this experience is driven by a guide (Temazcalero, healer or sudador) who performs ritual and therapeutic disciplines such as hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, chanting, visualization, meditation and exercises that serve to guide catharsis of emotions and group dynamics.

The Sweat Lodge was use by Indians not only for their daily personal hygiene but as an effective treatment for certain diseases and in a more complex dimension as a ritual of purification and initiation.

The shape of the Sweat Lodge represents the belly of the mother earth and somehow it represents an experience of renaissance.

It is well known that the practice of sweating is ancestrally honored for its profound benefits and for been one of the best ways to purify mind, body and spirit.

The Sweat Lodge on a therapeutic level provides benefits to people with rheumatoid, digestive, circulatory and pulmonary conditions and glandular disorders like thyroid, eliminates chronic physical and mental fatigue, clears the lymphatic system and improves significantly the quality of life of people with diabetes and hypertension.

Here is a summary of its benefits:
1. Total relaxation of muscular system
2. Improvement of the circulatory system
3. Improved immune system
4. Detoxification of the body
5. Dermatological System Improvement
6. Cleans and clears the channels of the respiration system
7. It produces a relaxing effect that helps to improve the level stress or insomnia

On this way the Sweat Lodge covers the physical and spiritual elements, the sacred womb of our mother earth that possess the genetic code of history makes people to experience this ritual and enjoy a special moment of silence and reverence, always accompanied by a professional Temazcalero, as this person must have the knowledge of spiritual indigenous medicine over the stones and herbs doing a cleanup job, unblocking tunnels of our mind and emotions, freeing us from negative energies and purifying our body and spirit.

Today more and more people seek alternative therapies to provide assistance at a physical but also spiritual sense, that is why Native Ceremonies is a pioneer in the introduction of the Sweat Lodge to the SPA ambience as a pre-hispanic therapy with multiple benefits, making an effort to provide a complete and reliable consult that goes from the Sweat Lodge construction to staff training to guide the ceremony.

Sweat Lodges can vary in shape and finish according to individual needs, without stepping away from their pre-hispanic essence.

Our most recent projects have been located in:
Los Cabos, México
Cancún, México
Puerto Vallarta, México
La Fortuna de San Carlos, Costa Rica.