Circles of Fire

Los Circles of Fire are groups gatherings that take place around of a communal therapeutic and healing bonfire that will take us to the most ancient meditation form of America.

Looking at the fire is a complete meditation by itself, express our thoughts and memories to the fire element will give us a higher ancestral understanding.

As has often been said we are water, a fully verifiable fact because our bodies are formed in a 70% of this liquid.

But now I say “We are Fire” because each atom of our body contains this element in order to maintain our ideal body temperature of 37ºC (98.6ºF)

This is how fire lives in our minds and hearts giving us a higher motive to reflect us in this element, fundamental component of the entire universe.

A living, rejuvenating, insightful and artistic fire that permeates and organizes all matter around us.

Native Ceremonies offers Circles of Fire as group therapies based on pre-hispanic disciplines that create a healing synergy among participants, resulting in individual and group improvements.

Ideal as a motivational and therapeutic seminar in which participation includes singing, poetry, drumming, dance around the bonfire, and meditation.

Sharing these disciplines will grant us with new and alternative ways to communicate with one another, raising our souls to higher levels of beauty and group integration.